Entry #1

Hello and Welcome!

2014-06-14 16:49:50 by vinsight

Hello and welcome to my small section of the newgrounds universe. My name is Vincent and I am currently a creature and concept artist for the video game industry. (hopefully films in the future) I enjoy creating worlds and the creatures and characters that inhabit them. Each with its own unique design and histroy my designs are created on the precedence of "the deeper the history the richer the concept" If you care to see more of my work head over to my tumblr- Vcreatures.tumblr.com I hope you enjoy my creations and look forward to interacting with you all. 





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2014-06-14 17:19:07

Welcome! great character design man, it reminds me of the works of Wayne Barlowe, which pretty much means that yours are also incredibly good.

Hope to see more from you!